Beside Myself Shoe Bones

In Episode 3: "Beside Myself", Jade and Nora’s trip to their childhood beach house dredges up the past, and they must face themselves or lose each other forever. Meanwhile, Gideon struggles to reconnect with her old friend, Jackson. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts and visit our website!  www.ShoeBones.com Follow @ShoeBonesPod on Twitter and Instagram Episode 3: “Beside Myself” was written by El Haney. It was edited by SC Ormond, Morgan Ormond, Hannah Tsiopanos, and Rebecca Torchia. Starring Hannah Tsiopanos as Gideon, El Haney as Nora and Young Nora, Erin Kwong as Jade and Young Jade, Shane Ormond as Gideon’s Dad, and Ino as Jackson. Music is composed, performed, and mixed by Ino. Shoe Bones was created and directed by Morgan and SC Ormond. The story was developed by Morgan Ormond, SC Ormond, Rebecca Torchia, El Haney, and Hannah Tsiopanos. It is produced and audio edited by Morgan Ormond. Shoe Bones is a collective story podcast recorded in a homemade studio. I’d like to thank all of my friends who helped make this podcast what it is, as well as my dog for not barking during recordings.
  1. Beside Myself
  2. Let's Be Frankenstein
  3. Foreign Body
  4. Shoe Bones Trailer